Project HiTh - Highly qualified. International. Thuringia

International students for your company

Jena has a high proportion of international students: almost 3,500 students have enrolled at Friedrich Schiller University and University of Applied Sciences “Ernst Abbe” for the winter semester 2018/19. The aim of the HiTh project is to show these highly motivated, qualified young people prospects in Jena and Thuringia and to inspire them as skilled workers for the location. As entrepreneurs, you will be supported within the scope of the project to use the potential of international specialists - for example through the possibility of company presentations, internships, job advertisements, integration consulting and accompanying scientific research to monitor the measures.

In order to sustain the integration, JenaWirtschaft draws attention to successful examples from the companies and distinguishes them with the i-work business award. The findings are evaluated and analysed within the framework of the Jena Alliance for Skilled Workers (JAfF) in order to provide the Jena's economy with targeted measures for successful integration.

You are invited to profit from this process and to play an active role. Please contact us if you are interested!

Sponsored by the Free State of Thuringia
from the European Social Fund.