Information Technology

The ever-increasing volume of data in energy, finance, weather, climate and many other areas requires new techniques for processing and analysis of data. In Jena, computer science researches, develops and manufactures such techniques for applications in medicine, logistics, environmental protection and biodiversity.

At the Friedrich Schiller University and the University of Applied Sciences “Ernst Abbe”, the focus is on algorithmics, bioinformatics, high performance computing, digital imaging, as well as self-organizing computing and information systems. Research activities are complemented by companies in Jena such as Intershop AG, Carl Zeiss AG, Jenoptik AG, Orisa GmbH, Ibykus GmbH, MAZeT GmbH and Dako Group, which are also closely in contact with both universities. Examples of successful spin-offs from the universities are TAF mobile (form. the agent factory) and Navimatix.


Dean's Office, Department for Mathematics and Information Technology
Friedrich Schiller University Jena
Phone: +49-3641-9-46000

Prof. Dr. Joachim Denzler
Managing Director, Michel Stifel Center Jena
Phone: +49-3641-9-46428
Email: joachim.denzler(at)

Prof. Dr. David J. Green
Dean, Department for Mathematics and Information Technology, Friedrich Schiller University Jena

Prof. Dr. Joachim Giesen
Director,Institute for Information Technology, Friedrich Schiller University Jena

Prof. Dr. Heike Krausslach
Vice-rector for Research and Development, University of Applied Sciences Jena