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A Paradise for Skilled Workers

Regardless of whether you are a technical specialist, a manager, a young professional or a young person at the beginning of his or her career who is trying to determine what professional path to take: Jena offers diverse perspectives for your career path. Jena entices many people with its international orientation, the appreciation local companies give to their employees and exciting, future-orientated jobs.


Jena, however does not only offer great job perspectives. Life itself is great here. The city on the Saale river is cosmopolitan and it offers its citizens a very high quality of life. It is not by accident that Jena has been nicknamed “Paradise”.
If you would like to get to know the city (initially) as a guest, you can find all offers, including reservation availability for overnight accommodations, at

Work in Jena

Finding the Right Career Path

Jena Business Development offers a comprehensive overview of opportunities in Jena, especially those related to vocational training, university studies and starting off your career - from offers related to career choice and an overview of the industries of the future to the provision of contacts to companies, initiatives and networks.


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The job portal lists current job offerings and opportunieties for internships in Jena.


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Our database lists companies and industries in Jena. Make use of the opportunity to come into contact with potential employers.


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We provide an overview of the industries in Jena as well as the companies that are part of those industries, their networks and information on how to contact them.


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Live in Jena

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Jena offers comprehensive childcare facilities for children of all ages. There are centres for children young and old as well as playgrounds and yards in which kids can play. Not only the city itself, but also many employers have adapted to the needs of mothers and fathers and offer flexible working hour paradigms for their employees, re-entry programmes for young mothers and some even cover childcare expenses.

Did you know that Jena is ranked as being #1 in all of Thuringia in terms of its birth rate? With 10.1 births per 1,000 inhabitants, the birth rate in Jena also exceeds the national average of 8.4. Young families influence the makeup of the city. It is easy for them to come into contact with each other.

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Jena is known for its scholastic diversity and its educational tradition. Parents have the opportunity to choose between different concepts and to provide their children with the ideal support. From Montessori to Jenaplan and Waldorf schools all the way to state and parochial schools, Jena offers a broad educational spectrum.


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After work, you can go for a workout or relax - that's the great thing about Jena. Whether you like volleyball, football, gymnastics, swimming, golf, chess or yoga: The city’s athletic clubs and private organisations offer an incredible variety of individual and team sports. The Saale Horizontale is a real highlight for hikers. It is 72 km long.

Also, in terms of culture, Jena has something for everyone, whether you are a night owl or a fan of classical music. If you are interested in science, the Zeiss Planetarium Jena and the German Optical Museum have an exciting array of things to explore. The summer festival Kulturarena goes on for seven weeks and attracts approximately 70,000 visitors each and every year. Jena also offers all different kinds of nightlife as well as places to meet others, for example in Kassablanca or Café Wagner.

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Starting anew professionally and personally in a new environment can be exhilarating and exciting, but can also be the source of certain questions and challenging worries. In order to become quickly and easily oriented in Jena, the "New in Jena" portal provides you with comprehensive information, for example with the right contact person when dealing with government authorities or having an overview of events and leisure activities.


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