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A Paradise for Skilled Workers

Regardless of whether you are a technical specialist, a manager, a young professional or a young person at the beginning of his or her career who is trying to determine what professional path to take: Jena offers diverse perspectives for your career path. Jena entices many people with its international orientation, the appreciation local companies give to their employees and exciting, future-orientated jobs.


Jena, however does not only offer great job perspectives. Life itself is great here. The city on the Saale river is cosmopolitan and it offers its citizens a very high quality of life. It is not by accident that Jena has been nicknamed “Paradise”.
If you would like to get to know the city (initially) as a guest, you can find all offers, including reservation availability for overnight accommodations, at

We love to live IN JENA

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With about 108,000 residents Jena offers you all advantages of a metropolis with the appeal of small town living. Discover a young, diverse city characterised by more than 22,000 students at two universities, many with international background. The annual “i-work business award” recognizes multicultural companies and their efforts.


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    With more than 60 daycares, over 30 schools with after school care plus family-friendly companies around the city, Jena is a great place to bring up kids balancing professional and family life. Also, more than 60 partners are involved in Jena’s Alliance for Families. Best practice examples include home office solutions, flexible working hours, parent-child-workplace and many more.

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      Great quality of life and a healthy work-life-balance: bouldering or hip hop dancing, learning capoeira or Wing Chun, fencing or playing jugger – Jena is the perfect place to try out something new. Expect plenty of culture, leisure activities as well as sports, many of them outdoors in Jena’s beautiful nature.


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      Some of Jena’s big names are world famous; companies such as ZEISS, Jenoptik and SCHOTT began their success stories here. The city is home to international corporations as well as many small and medium-sized businesses and start-ups. Also, 4,500 scientists work here not only at the universities but also at institutes of the Max Planck, Leibniz and Fraunhofer societies.

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      Businesses can book JenaWirtschaft’s Welcome Service to make settling in Jena easier for their new employees. Orientation tour and individual support help them to find the way around the city more quickly. At International Club Jena events they can get to know the local attractions and meet other newcomers with their families.



            Work in Jena

            Finding the Right Career Path

            Jena Business Development offers a comprehensive overview of opportunities in Jena, especially those related to vocational training, university studies and starting off your career - from offers related to career choice and an overview of the industries of the future to the provision of contacts to companies, initiatives and networks.


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            The job portal lists current job offerings and opportunieties for internships in Jena.


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            Our database lists companies and industries in Jena. Make use of the opportunity to come into contact with potential employers.


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            We provide an overview of the industries in Jena as well as the companies that are part of those industries, their networks and information on how to contact them.


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