Welcome Service

Support in the onboarding of specialists and managers

Your new specialists and managers who come to Jena from outside get to know the city and can ask questions about the new centre of their lives. You can make use of the welcome service individually tailored to your needs.


Our Services

Welcome Service

Companies can book the welcome service both for applicants in the decision phase and for new employees who have just arrived and would like to get to know Jena. The offer ranges from the compact Jena orientation tour with information on residential areas, the school landscape and leisure activities to comprehensive English-language support for foreign specialists, who choose Jena as the new centre of their lives and clarify many organisational questions. The service also includes support involving appointments with local authorities.


International Club Jena (ICJ)

JenaWirtschaft has established the International Club Jena (ICJ) especially for international employees. Several times a year we invite members and their relatives to family events, regularly organize the ICJ lunch and a regulars' table and inform about further offers in Jena. With the ICJ your international team members make contact quickly and can take root in Jena. Are you interested in the ICJ and would like to draw the attention of your employees to this offer? Contact us!


Dual Career Information

Have you considered that the potential relatives of your desired candidate would also like to gain a foothold in Jena professionally and personally? JenaWirtschaft provides individual tips and assistance as part of the Dual Career Information Service. Among other things, we provide you with information on Jena's industry and potential employers and connect to local career advice centres.

Did you know that...

... the decision for a job depends largely on the partner's assessment of his or her own professional prospects at the new location? Professional satisfaction of both partners is crucial for long-term employment.



In 2014, the Jena Welcome Service was one of 100 prizewinners of the nationwide innovation competition "Ausgezeichnete Orte im Land der Ideen" 2013/14.