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High-Tech Location and City of Science

Big names from Jena are world-famous: Here is where corporate success stories like those of ZEISS, Jenoptik and SCHOTT began. Jena, the cradle of the European optics and photonics industries, combines tradition in high-tech industries with strong, innovative companies. With this recipe for success, Jena has established itself as a leading high-tech centre in Thuringia and in central Germany.
International corporations as well as numerous small and medium-sized enterprises are based in Jena and they all contribute to a large amount of value add that comes from the region. The export ratio amounts to over 65 percent and is therefore far above the German average.
Jena's innovative strength is demonstrated by approximately 250 patents that are filed here each year (the average in Germany per 100,000 inhabitants is: 59 per year). Proportionally, this is where the majority of high-tech companies are founded nationwide. The top-notch educational landscape and the research strength of the companies make Jena a place where ideas flourish.
All-in-all, Jena offers great opportunities for both companies and technical specialists. This is also reflected in a Germany-wide comparison: Jena ranked seventh in the magazine Wirtschaftswoche’s 2017 Future Index.


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Facts and Figures Jena

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111,099 (30.06.2022)


73,200 (2021)

Employees subject to social security contributions

60,206 (30.06.2022)

Growth in employees subject to social security contributions

from 52,994 in 2014 to 60,206 in 2022,
+ 7,212 or + 11.98 % in eight years

Export ratio of manufacturing businesses (50 or more employees)

73.0 % (2021)

Gross domestic product in mill. €

4,998 (2020)

Growth in gross domestic product

61 % in eleven years: from 3.15 billion Euros in 2008 to 5.08 billion Euros in 2019

Number of companies

6,932 tradespeople (Chamber of Commerce and Industry, 2022)

755 craft businesses (Chamber of handicrafts, 2022)

Skilled workforce ratio

35.6% - one third of all those employed have a university degree

(The average in large German cities is approximately 18 %)

Unemployment rate

5.5 % (May 2022)

(including medical professionals)

4,500 – at two universities and twelve non-university research institutions

Patent registrations

261 patents per 100,000 inhabitants

(the German Average is 45, 2022)

The largest employers

The University Hospital, University of Jena, ZEISS, Stadtwerke (public utility), JENOPTIK, SCHOTT, Analytik Jena, Intershop, Streicher, Abbott

Trade tax rate

450 %