Digital Economy

The digital economy is a key industry in Jena. Its value add increases continually and it represents an annual growth rate of 15 percent. 3,500 employees in approximately 100 companies work in Jena in the area of digital transformation. The range of services extends from e-commerce technologies, mobile solutions and digital marketing to the digitisation of business and manufacturing processes as well as big data analysis. In addition, there are IT specialists in optoelectronics, science and the service sector. In Jena, approximately 6,000 people work with digital technologies across all industries.


Jena offers excellent opportunities for experts in information and communication technologies as well as excellent growth opportunities for companies in the digital economy. The Jena Digital Initiative and the e-commerce campus "IT Paradise Jena" bring different industries together to support new businesses and help start-ups. The government of the city of Jena itself is also in the process of implementing measures to develop the digital infrastructure within the city of Jena.




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