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You can select the most important data, facts and plans for the office market areas in the city of Jena via our map.

Jena's above-average dynamic development is reflected in the local office market. Numerous new building projects realised in this segment and their full occupancy in the near future after completion are proof of the nationwide appeal of the C location. In Jena, both investors and companies can find excellent investment conditions, which - depending on their preferences - can choose between properties with modern architecture in top locations and properties with a moderate rent level.

Office market Jena at a glance

office market category

C location

available area

703.470 m² (year before: 701.510 m²)

vacancy rate

1,8 % (year before: 2,1 %)

floor-space turnover

18.150 m² (year before: 21.500 m²)

rental range

4,00 - 18,00 € / m² (year before: 4,00 - 18,00 € / m²)

average rent

9,20 € / m² (year before: 9,20 € / m²)

Areas under construction & pipeline

74.170 m² (year before: 53.080 m²)


(as of 31.12.2018) 



The following list gives an overview of the office market zones ("Büromarktzonen") in Jena and shows detailed information on the location, marketable space and infrastructure. The list is available in German only but we are happy to answer your questions.


Büromarktbericht 2020