Where to go after school?

Guidance for the Specialists of Tomorrow

Jena is the right place for training, study and an entry-level job - especially in technical and scientific fields, in healthcare professions and in digital economy. The education and training in disciplines such as mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology offer a wide range of opportunities and great professional development potential for the specialists of tomorrow. In summary: Jena awaits you with exciting tasks in diverse companies - as well as within a young cultural scene, varied leisure activities and breathtakingly beautiful nature.

Our flyer "Great Prospects" summarizes why Jena offers great prospects for young people and lists not only interesting facts but also helpful links.


Jena professions with future

The brochure “Mission Light - training in Thuringian optics and photonics” is an ideal information source for training professions, for example in fields such as precision optics, glass processing mechanics or microtechnology. In the brochure, trainees introduce themselves with their profession and answer questions on everyday working life, as well as on earning and further training possibilities. It also lists all Thuringian training companies in this field.


Become a master of the trade: From mechatronics engineers to metalworkers in construction technology, you'll find exciting professions in our brochure "Metal and Electrical Engineering". Jena's growing business landscape in the technical crafts field guarantees excellent career prospects and a wide range of training options.


With people. With lots of variety. With career prospects. And a secure job. In Jena’s healthcare sector, committed young people are in demand. From nursing professions to scientific and technical professions in medical technology and optics - the sector offers a wide range of training opportunities and great future prospects.

Where to go after school?

Jena offers training and study opportunities for over 300 professions. Our flyer "Where to go after school" provides information on regional and nationwide events - from training fairs, insights into study opportunities and professional worlds, to information on job outlines and action days.

Here, pupils, those seeking training, teaching staff, parents and companies will find the ideal overview of career choices and networking opportunities in Jena and the region.

5 reasons for Jena

With over 110,000 residents Jena offers you all advantages of a metropolis with the appeal of small town living. Discover a young, diverse city characterised by more than 22,000 students at two universities, many with international background. The annual “i-work business award” recognizes multicultural companies and their efforts.

Great quality of life and a healthy work-life-balance: bouldering or Bollywood dancing, learning Capoeira or playing the mandolin, playing floorball or Quidditch – Jena is the perfect place to try out something new. Expect plenty of culture, leisure activities as well as sports, many of them outdoors in Jena’s beautiful nature.


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From Trades to Hightech.

No matter if apprenticeship, Bachelor or Master: Jena offers many opportunities to start your career. Consider looking for an internship to gather practical experiences and learn more about the local industry.

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Direct lead

[Translate to english:] VOM HIDDEN ZUM CHAMPION.

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ZEISS, Jenoptik, SCHOTT – große Namen aus Jena sind weltbekannt. Die Stadt beheimatet aber nicht nur internationale Konzerne, sondern auch viele kleine und mittelständische Unternehmen und junge Start-Ups, die mit ihren Produkten und Dienstleistungen zur Weltspitze gehören. Sie bieten flache Hierarchien, viel Raum für individuelle Entwicklung und exzellente Bedingungen für den Berufseinstieg. Und, ganz nebenbei, auch sehr gute Verdienstmöglichkeiten für junge Leute.


Direct lead

Here to Stay.

Nice to know: Jena loves parents – and vice versa. With more than 60 daycares and over 30 schools plus family-friendly companies around the city, Jena is a great place to bring up kids balancing professional and family life.